Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in Silicon Valley

October 1, 2018
California is the American dream. People from all around the world are going to California to find their place under the Sun. California looks like a perfect place for living with your big happy family and a dog. Walks on the beach and weekend brunches also sound great. High salaries, big companies, and great perks together with beautiful weather in San Francisco, CA are very attractive for building a career.

Living in San Francisco might look expensive if you are reading this from other countries. Also, the salary per hour of the top 10 best-paid jobs in the Silicon Valley might look abnormal since in some other countries people can't earn that in a month. Don't discourage yourself if this looks unattainable because it isn't. You might be the perfect employee for some of these positions.

Take a look at the following list and try to find an opportunity for a career of your dreams.
The annual salary for DevOps managers is about $166,448, which is $80 hourly.
1. Product development engineer

If you are a product development engineer, you are the luckiest man alive. The average annual salary for product development engineers is $173,570. If you work 40 hours per week for 52 weeks yearly, your salary per hour will be approximately $83.5. This job is well paid worldwide but it looks like you can earn much more on this position in Silicon Valley.

2. Director of product management

If you are a product manager, your annual salary might be very high, but if you are the director of product management, you can't even imagine how high the salary might be. The average annual salary for directors of product management is $173,556, which means that you can earn $83.4 per hour if you work 8 hours daily.

A daily allowance of $667.2 seems almost too good to be true so if you are a product manager, don't miss this job. Send a job application, portfolio, and CV as soon as possible.

3. Data warehouse architect

Jobs in data warehouse architecture are very responsible and thorough. If you are an architect, your job is no less responsible than the job of a surgeon. That's why the job of a data warehouse architect come in at third place on this list with an annual salary of $169,863, which is $81.6 hourly.

4. DevOps manager

The annual salary for DevOps managers is about $166,448, which is $80 hourly. If you are lucky enough, you might get a job and work from home online for a company that needs to fill this role.

5. Senior architect

A senior architect might earn $161,124 per year. The average weekly salary is almost $3,098, which is $77.4 per hour. If you are an architect, it doesn't cost you anything to send a job application and try to work online from home.

Many architects from other countries are working for big companies in Silicon Valley. If you are responsible and creative, consider this option.
Senior solutions architect can earn up to $158,329.
6. Principal software engineer

Although everyone thinks that software engineers have the best-paid jobs in Silicon Valley, that's not true. With an annual salary of $160,326, principal software engineers earn about $77 per hour. This well-paid job is an excellent opportunity for all software engineers. This job from the future is well paid everywhere, but if you are an expert, the best place for you is Silicon Valley.

7. Senior solutions architect

Yes, we know, architects again. Senior solutions architect can earn up to $158,329, which is $76.11 per hour. Looks funny, but it's true. Architects occupy much of this list.

8. Principal Java developer

Java developers have high salary worldwide, but in Silicon Valley CA, their average annual salary is $156,402, i.e. $75.1 per hour.

9. Senior software architect

Although this job takes a lot of time and you need to focus and be super creative and innovative, you'll be properly compensated for your time. The annual salary for senior software architects is $154,944, which is $74.5 hourly. With non-working weekends and eight-hour work hours, this job is perfect for you if you are a software architect.

10. Platform engineer

The average yearly salary for platform engineers is about $154,739. The calculation is simple. Platform engineers who work 8 hours per day hourly can earn $74.3. Although this is the last job on this list, can you imagine life with a daily salary of almost $600?

Since you are reading this, you might just have the right qualifications for one of the jobs above. There's no harm in trying your luck and sending a job application. It doesn't matter where you are and what you do for a living if you are qualified enough someone from these companies might need you.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a part-time job or your goal is to become a full-time employer, you should try to find a job in Silicon Valley and live the American dream.
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