4 Things You Can Expect as an Hourly Worker for Domino's

October 29, 2018
As one of the largest foodservice chains, Domino's is up there with companies such as Walmart and McDonald's when it comes to how many stores they have. This is a multi-national company that has a business interest in various parts of the world.

At the same time, this means that they employ a lot of people. Some of their employees have fix pays while others are paid on an hourly basis. This means that they have to put in a lot of effort to maintain their workforce and make a profit.

However, let's see how the things work from the perspective of hourly workers and what you can expect at Domino's if you get a job there.
Most of the hourly employees work in positions where employees get tips so their monthly earnings are actually higher.
The hourly wage will vary

The thing you need to understand about Domino's is that they have 400 stores which are owned directly by the company. It might seem like a lot, but this is only 10% of all of their stores. The other 90% of stores, however, are run by franchisees.

Even though there are certain standards which must be honored to franchise with Domino's, the franchisees have a certain flexibility when it comes to how much they pay their hourly workers.

This means that every city and country that have Domino's stores come with different offers. The franchisees retain the right to set the wages as they see fit and hire workers. So, some people are paid more and some are paid less, but they are never paid under the minimum hourly wage. This means that the best thing to do is to simply go directly to your local Domino's to see how employees are paid there.

2. You might get paid slightly over minimum

Some of the lowest position employees at Domino's, such as delivery drivers make around $7.50 on average per hour. In the US, the federal baseline minimum per hour is set at $7.25, meaning that this is slightly above the minimum. However, most of the hourly employees work in positions where employees get tips so their monthly earnings are actually higher.

Additionally, the fact that labor activists are pressuring for an increase in minimum hourly wage for all employees that work in the fast food industry, there are already changes made across Domino's. However, these changes are still made within the 400 stores that they own and run.

Sadly, when it comes to franchisees, they have full control over how much they pay their hourly workers and the company cannot give them a directive to increase these wages. However, since the activists have already been pushing the wage increase for 2 years, chances are that they will be able to make it happen.
Every employee has free meals at work, and the amount depends from one store to another.
3. It's a good place to work

Domino's has a good working atmosphere. Their employees aren't exhausted, neither do they have time to spare. They have a great organization and company culture. The people working at Domino's are positive and they offer guidance and training to people that come to work there, especially younger people and those with no experience.

Most employees say that it is actually fun to work at Domino's and that work hours pas really quickly. The relationship with customers is at the highest level, as well as the relationships between coworkers. It is always possible to get shorter or longer hours, however the employee sees fit.

Switching up is a regular thing and there are no issues here. They really allow great flexibility to employees who haven't committed themselves to the company to the fullest and they repay them this with responsibility.

4. Job benefits and amenities

Domino's offers various benefits to their hourly employees, and even though they don't pay as much as some other fast food chains they make it up with these benefits. Every employee has free meals at work, and the amount depends from one store to another.

All employees are also given a discount that can range from 10% to 30% but if the store is run by a franchisee, this discount is limited to that store only. At some stores, they also offer 401k and even though there is no health insurance for hourly workers, they get paid sick leave.

Overall, Domino's offers some solid work conditions for hourly workers. Still, they are adjusted to students and people who don't want to work full-time. However, if you want to advance within the company, it is possible and as you advance so does your pay and benefits.
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