How to Manage Taxes for Your Restaurant Hourly Workers

We've created "How to Manage Taxes for Your Restaurant Hourly Workers" to guide you through the tax process.

The restaurant business is hectic enough without also weaving through the messiness of taxes. This guide will provide some rules you need to grasp so that you can better steer your employees when it comes to paying their fair share in taxes.

Though appearing complicated on the surface, the goal of this guide is to offer a quick reference for you to use at tax time as well as all through the year. Understanding these simple rules will help you to keep your hourly workers on the right course from their first day through the entire employee lifecycle.

In this Workstream guide, we cover:
Table of Contents
1. The Tax Man
2. The Difference Between Tips and Service Charges
3. Reporting Requirements for Tips
4. The Treatment of Cash Tips
5. Accounting for Credit Card Tips
6. The Rules for Tip Credits
7. Understanding Tip Reports
8. The IRS Form 8027
9. Grasping the Hours Worked and Gross Receipt Methods
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