How Coupa Cafe Streamlined
and Modernized their HR

August 7, 2018
Employees to manage
Time saved to hire
Retail locations
Upon graduating from Stanford University, Venezuelan siblings Camelia and Jean Paul Coupal founded Coupa Cafe in 2004. Focused on serving high-quality coffee and food, Coupa Cafe evolved into the meeting place for startups, entrepreneurs, and students.

In 2017, Coupa Cafe was voted the best coffee house in Palo Alto by the Tripadvisor and is growing rapidly in the San Francisco Bay Area. In their early days, Coupa Cafe used an online Google form to manually fill up with each new job application, which is a slow and inefficient process.

Due to the nature of the F&B Industry, the annual turnover rate for hourly workers at Coupa Cafe is nearly 90%. With 8 retail locations to manage and up to 250 positions to staff, their current onboarding and training methods is traditional and inefficient. Another challenge was documentation, where applicant's information was not centralised for easy reference.

Camelia and Jean Paul Coupal needed an all-in-one dashboard to manage their hiring.
Workstream's automated 2-way SMS communication allowed Coupa Cafe to respond and manage applicants more efficiently
Workstream simplified and improved the way Coupa Cafe managed their internal HR processes. With Workstream, Coupa Cafe was able to seamlessly create an online application that could be posted onto various job portals automatically.

Our comprehensive dashboard allowed Coupa Cafe to better track hiring performance over time, providing applicant insights and understand which job portals were most effective for them.

Workstream's automated 2-way SMS communication allowed Coupa Cafe to respond and manage applicants more efficiently, hence able to capitalise and hire the right applicant faster.

Nowadays Coupa Cafe can easily hire up to 250 positions over 8 different locations in just half the time!

As Coupa Cafe grows, Workstream grows with them, developing new features to provide a one stop HR tool to centralise all their hiring activities.
We are now able to use Workstream to better onboard, engage and train employees, reducing turnover and creating substantial cost savings.
Camelia, Founder of Coupa Cafe
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