Digital Recruiting Tips Every HR Department Needs to Know

August 18, 2018
We live in a digital age, which means that most people turn to the internet when it is time to find a job. Gone are the days of picking up a Sunday newspaper at the corner grocery store to search through the local classified ads for job openings. Now, job postings are available at the touch of a button, with up to 86% of candidates with a smartphone using it as the foundational tool for a job search.

Not only are candidates looking online, but companies are facing the challenges of competing for the top talent in the industry. It doesn't matter if you are hiring a high-level manager or an entry-level hourly worker; you need to be sure that you are leveraging the internet to connect with the potential employees who are a good fit for your company.

Are you making a move to implement a new online recruiting campaign, or wanting to improve the strategies that are already in place? You can save time and money by using the techniques that are working in the current industry. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
Include keywords that will increase the chances that your posting will show up in search results.
Tip #1: Cater to Tech-Savvy Job Searchers

Even entry-level, hourly workers have smartphones and an internet connection. People look online for employment information and to research employers. You need to make sure that you are publishing the right information online that will bring candidates to your website.

Recent studies show that candidates tend to favor businesses with good wages and benefits, as well as opportunities for advancement. When someone starts in an entry-level position, they want the chance to move up to management in the future. So, your description needs to entice the qualified candidates with details about benefits and advancement opportunities in the future.

Job titles need to be attention-grabbing, and the descriptions should be engaging. Include keywords that will increase the chances that your posting will show up in search results. At the same time, don't skip details that are necessary for the candidate to know, such as required skills, wage range, job duties, benefits, and more.

Tip #2: Build a Database and Leverage Your List

Creating an online list of potential candidates can be a powerful way to speed up the process of hiring in the future. For example, you might post a job opening and hire two people out of 150 applications that were received. Even though you turned away 148 people, it doesn't mean that they won't be the right fit when the position opens up again.

Invite qualified candidates to join a notification list so that they can stay updated about new job opportunities when they are available. Then, you have a warm market that can be used in the future when turnover happens.
Company culture starts with positioning before someone is hired so that they start working with the right attitude that contributes to your team.
Tip #3: Create a Digital Brand and Voice

It is essential to ensure that you are consistent with branding and voicing on every piece of content that is published for your recruiting efforts. Creating a digital brand is a way to make your company memorable for potential applicants. At the same time, you can use the content to communicate the company culture and values that can be expected.

For example, if you are looking to develop a flexible, fun work environment, then your job descriptions shouldn't be dry and boring. Instead, infuse the online messages with a little bit of personality that highlights the attitude you are working to create in the office. Company culture starts with positioning before someone is hired so that they start working with the right attitude that contributes to your team.

Tip #4: Empower Employees to Refer Their Friends

Tap into your network of employees to bring in qualified candidates for job openings. Share details with your current workforce when jobs are available. Always include information about referral links and where people need to look when they want to apply.

Creating a positive company culture increases employee satisfaction, which then increases the likelihood that your current employees will refer good job candidates. Employees will talk about their experience on social media and review sites, like Glassdoor. Then, these reviews will impact the impression that is set for new hires. When it comes to recruiting, you need to be sure that you are supporting your current staff as well as bringing in the skilled workforce for the job openings.

Tip #5: Automate Hiring Systems

It is tedious work to create a job description and post it across multiple job boards. There's no reason why you should be stuck handling this busy work when there are ways to automate the process. For example, we offer a system that gives you an all-in-one dashboard that makes it easy to manage your hiring. With one recruiting tool, you can advertise on the best job boards, auto-message candidates with questions and updates, and use advanced analytics to get insights about applicants and hiring performance.

At Workstream, we are revolutionizing the recruiting industry by creating tools to help. The hiring process can be easier and faster when you have the right tools and techniques to improve the system. Talk to us today to learn about the free trial that is available for your company. We're here to help!
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